Am:EL Korean Clothing Store

U n r e p e a t e d
E c c e n t r i c 
D i s t i n c t i v e


Hi Beautiful!


We are Amanda and Eloise, two besties and founders of AMEL SEOUL.

A unique and eccentric Korean fashion boutique store, established since May 2021!

(Yes, we took our first two letters of our names to create our company name!)


Having grown up in Korea, we both knew very well how fast trends can come and go.


But we never let fashion own us. Rather, we expressed our own styles, even if it meant going against the trend.


That oftentimes meant being different. But to us that did not matter - as we knew far too well that, when we were true to ourselves, it has made us the happiest.


We hope to deliver the same happiness to you through our unique Korean clothing collections at AMEL. 


Our goal is to introduce unrepeated, uncommon and eccentric designed in Korea fashion items to you, with key focus on quality.


We made this possible by continuously building rapport with individual designers/wholesalers and by seeing, touching, feeling, trying out their products, ourselves!


Only after we are certain that the products meet our standard, would we welcome them to our AMEL collection.


Let's put it this way, if we won't wear it, we won't sell it. Simple as that! 


We guarantee you the "wow" factor, fully supported by the good quality, you well-deserve.


Welcome to the AMEL world, where unique meets you.



With much love, 
Amanda & Eloise
Founders of AMEL SEOUL